We would like to introduce you to Effeti, a unique line of kitchen cabinetry from Florence, Italy.
What makes Effeti truly Unique?

  • Innovation and Research
    Great effort goes into researching modern technology and how it can be applied for use in the kitchen. Effeti is at the forefront of this design process.
    In April 2012 Effeti introduced E1 Open System concept. E1 consists of various door styles that can be combined in myriad ways, allowing the designer and dealer flexibility to meet the needs of its customers.
    Effeti works only with world renowned designers such as Giancarlo Vegni. Vegni’s cutting edge designs are the hallmark of Italian design. New designers for Effet’s E1 system are Monica Armani, and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.
    Effeti designs for the changing needs of how kitchens are used today, integrating the kitchen with living areas while respecting the surrounding structure and furnishings.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in construction
    All materials are meticulously researched and carefully selected to ensure high quality and sustainability. All EU minimum standards are met or surpassed.
    Cabinets are available in solid wood, hand sprayed and polished lacquers, wood veneers, glass and high quality laminates.
    Hinges and drawer slides are the latest technology by Blum. Drawer accessories, by Essetre, make the most of any size kitchen.
  • Craftsmanship
    All components of the cabinets, from the wood veneers to the aluminum handles, are made in the factory. This allows Effeti to control the entire construction process resulting in the highest quality.
    Lacquers and wood veneers are applied in the Effeti factory.
    Components can be customized to fit your client’s needs.

Benefits of working with Effeti and Effeti USA
Effeti USA, Inc. is the US representative for Effeti, as well as a working showroom. This is important for many reasons.
As agents who use and sell the product, we already have a better knowledge of the full line of products than someone who has never used them or seen them installed. Effeti USA provides the highest quality of service and training to all dealers.
When a customer is in front of a dealer, in order to make a sale, it is important to get questions answered immediately. Effeti USA is available during US business hours, Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Eastern Time to cover both East and West coasts. This is a great benefit for dealers who have quick questions about the order process, technical issues, transferring funds, getting shipments from Italy, etc. Effeti is a high-end product and deserves high-quality service representatives who are available when needed. This makes it easy, enjoyable and profitable for dealers to sell Effeti.
All orders are initially sent to Effeti USA for review. Any discrepancies will be attended to within 2 business days prior to the order being sent to Italy. Effeti USA will be available for questions throughout the order process.
Co-op advertising allows us to build the brand of Effeti. All dealers can opt to join the co-op as added exposure in their area while minimizing the costs. All types of traditional advertising as well as new media are used. A yearly plan will be available prior to commitments made.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have.
Shelly McClure